A natural storyteller, I've been searching for and telling stories all my life. I believe there is no greater power on earth than a story, and that storytelling can (and should) be used in all types of communications. Humans are wired for stories, not for data. Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communications. Every culture on earth engages in storytelling. Stories can bond us to each other and become part of our collective consciousness.

Throughout my communications career, I've tried to infuse storytelling whenever I can. My skill is finding stories everywhere and in everything: big stories and small stories, personal stories and corporate stories.


I've worked in corporate communications, public relations and marketing in the technology world for more than 15 years. My responsibilities have included website development, social media writing, proposal creation, industry relations, technical editing and more. I received a Silver Magellan Award for excellence in a communications campaign from the League of American Communications Professionals.

During a two-year period in West Africa, I reorganized and expanded a regional development agency’s publishing department and produced a variety of communications materials. I consulted on a team in the review and definition of the non-governmental agency’s mission, vision and objectives and prepared the resulting five-year strategic plan. I also collaborated with international agencies to establish a pilot Community Learning Centre in Africa.

While working in the publishing field in Canada, I co-ordinated the editorial, production and distribution for dozens of magazine issues. I also worked as a broadcast journalist and as a Hansard editor for the British Columbia Legislature. 

I've worked as managing editor, contract writer, and communications manager. I've built websites from scratch including writing all content. I've written and edited non-fiction ebooks, technical documentation, and training materials. 

Education & Training

In addition to a degree in Communications, I have advanced certificates in English grammar and style. Attending dozens of conference and working group sessions, I've received training in a range of fields from a variety of institutes and professional organizations. Following are examples.
  • Communicating Across Cultures: Royal Roads University
  • Tapping into the Human Element: International Association of Business Communicators
  • How Social Media is Changing PR and Journalism: Canadian Public Relations Society
  • New Voices in Global Media: International Association of Business Communicators
  • Plain Language: Building Results: Editor’s Association of Canada
  • The Power of Corporate Communication: International Association of Business Communicators
  • The Business of Trust in Organizations: Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce
  • Effective Business Writing: University of Victoria
  • The Writer and Democracy: International PEN Ghana
  • Public Relations Techniques for Small Business: Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Affiliations & Ethics

My professional affiliations have included the International Association of Business Communicators, the Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island, Canadian Women in Communications, the Society for Technical Communication and the International Communications Association, among others. I have strong ethics and am committed to humanitarian principles, human rights and social justice. I practice ethical standards that comply with the codes of conduct of professional associations and industry bodies. 
For complete lists of ethical and professional standards to which I subscribe, please visit the following websites.

Canadian Association of Journalists
Canadian Public Relations Society
International Public Relations Association

Portfolio available on request.